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Bitcoin reddit market talk

Market capitalization (often shortened to market cap) is the approximate total value of a cryptocurrency, typically shown in US dollars. The market cap of a cryptocurrency is calculated by multiplying the number of coins or tokens in existence by its current price. Reddit Bitcoin markets square measure created as a aftermath for a process famous element mining. They hind end be exchanged for other currencies, products, and work. Research produced by University of Cambridge estimates that in , here were to million uncomparable users victimization a cryptocurrency wallet, most of them using bitcoin. Four-year cycle, smart money chart are some ways people divide the market to see trends. (Nerdy lines, you can skip this paragraph) I apply standard deviation on the daily close data of bitcoin to obtain its volatility. Then I would had applied day moving average, following it with a gaussian filter with a sigma of 3 to smoothen it out.

Bitcoin reddit market talk

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Litecoin price prediction: will it continue to outperform? A good indicator that LTC is bullish will be all the trolls returning to this sub. Litecoin on 3rd or 4th by marketcap self. Quite a week. LTC gained more percentage value than any other top crypto this week and it was the only one to beat BTC. Crypto Caps Ep. Call me ungrateful, but I'm disappointed.

It is been a while my friend. If we ever came close to that kind of cracking tech, I'm sure the BTC consensus would be to double the size of the hash key or something, and just carry on. If there's a serious risk of this happening then we'll be able to see it happening multiple years in advance, giving us the opportunity to fork in secure alternative primitives before it becomes a problem. Potentially, or rather a race to create a stronger form of personal storage.

Maybe we'll be at the "human implant storage" by that point. A subdermal proximity accessible ram chip. There were shitcoins way back in that said for every BTC you send to an unspendable address an invalid address with no way of moving BTC from it they will give you one of their shitcoins. Their reasoning was that this is proof that their shitcoin had assumed the value of BTC because you had to destroy one BTC to create it.

Nothing is actually sure. But as long as the real owners cannot find the private keys, they cannot be used anymore.

They won't be buying Bitcoin instead of bangles. Same with the tonnes of gold jewelry that Chinese citizens buy each year. Their investment bankers will, though. Nobody buys gold jewelry for the financial investment.

Most modern jewelry is a poor purchase considering you're paying manufacturing, supply chain, and retail markups. Additionally, the worthless stones like diamonds and other gems siphoning real value away.

You'd be much smarter to buy bullion. But hey, get yo bling on! But can I dangle bullion from my earlobes so all the neighborhood ladies can ooh and ahh and secretly get jealous over how much money our family has?

Heaver gold bars can be used to elongate your earlobes so everyone can see how heavy your bling is even when not wearing it. A lot of Asians don't trust their currency or the government said currency is based on. FFS it's the credo of Bitcoin, but actually tangible. And Asians don't buy bullshit ct rubbish as hockey off in the West. Both as a means to show off wealth and store wealth. Um, what? If you want jewelry just for the looks cubic zirconia and gold plate are easy to obtain.

Gold jewelry is always about the financial investment, whether it is a signal that they're capable of the financial investment or the desire for their adornments to double as a hedge against inflation.

Otherwise just get 5 micron thick plated jewelry. Looks the same without all the pesky cost involved. Could it be that it was the air-resistance that shaped their heads? They could have been rowing as babies, baby heads are very soft.

Everyone will just hoard. Except no one uses it!! So the actual value is just as vaporous as the blockchain text that represents it. Just numbers on paper. No economy, no robust payment methods There is the requirement for there to be some value to it.

I just see the opportunity being squandered to be better. We can all improve right? Why should that conversation be shut down? Do you agree if everyone in the world can use bitcoin in an easy and accessible manner it will increase adoption and value?

We are still very early in the whole technology. Now we are at a point that the base layer has proven to be reliable and big money starts to flow in because of the "Gold 2. Bitcoin is more than that though and it is still evolving at a rapid pace.

Technologies like Lightning and more layers on top of that will eventually build the payment ecosystem where everyday people will transact with. A blockchain itself can't scale to those requirements, no matter what all those other shitcoin projects that are stuck in that believe claim.

You say that now Bitcoin is immutable, that has been proven to a certain extent, but the lightning network? That is absolutely malleable and who knows what its robustness is. Bitcoin proved it over 10 years, lighting? Who knows. The price of entry to my immutable fork of bitcoin is one satoshi too.

No one wants to spend it. They want to hold it. And all the maximalists will sit there with their bitcoins. Or do you use a card check or cash. Well no. I hope Bitcoin will l get lower fees in the future like Bitcoin Cash or else I hope an alternative crypto will take over that have lower fees. You trade it. You can trade bitcoin too.

You can trade your gun for a guitar, anything Why would you pick one over another? I don't know if you're trolling or not, but you seem to ignore a couple of things about bitcoin:. This is not a maximalist post. This is just about btc competing with gold. The part where he said no one is buying coffee with gold is valid. Also I don't care about my grammar on a random reddit post. You should not either. I'm just making a point about the topic that's relevant.

Yes, and Layer 2 solutions are getting better and better each day, so it's likely we will be able to buy coffee with BTC soon, just paying a few cents for the fee. The "more" descriptor is already built into the word "easier" itself. If nobody taught you anything, you'd be a gibbering fool; so accept the lesson with an open heart and mind. The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Membership is free if you aren't signed up already. He made a fortune betting that the Fed would cut rates from 2. I'd think returns and volatility will decrease as Bitcoin gets bigger.

But I agree, I think between k and 1 million in is reasonable. Libra has faced backlash from politicians and regulators around the world concerned that a private company with over 2 billion users could issue a currency. A number of Facebook's partners have also dropped out of the project. There have been growing calls for the U. Meanwhile, the bitcoin community is also looking forward to an event which as been dubbed the "halvening" which is taking place in May.

It is a change written into bitcoin's underlying code. This is when rewards for so-called miners, which are key parts of the bitcoin network, are halved.

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All comments and discussions regarding Bitcoin. Join the chat about Bitcoin and Bitcoin price in cryptocoin365.de's live Bitcoin discussion and chat platform. Feb 12,  · Bitcoin hits highest price this year, above $10,, as Fed Chair Powell discusses cryptocurrencies Published Wed, Feb 12 AM EST Updated Wed, Feb 12 . Four-year cycle, smart money chart are some ways people divide the market to see trends. (Nerdy lines, you can skip this paragraph) I apply standard deviation on the daily close data of bitcoin to obtain its volatility. Then I would had applied day moving average, following it with a gaussian filter with a sigma of 3 to smoothen it out. Tags:Bitcoin to ripple trading, Atm bitcoin profit, Deep learning bitcoin trading, How does trading bitcoin works, Btc markets discount

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