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Btc market cap chart

View live Market Cap BTC, $ (CALCULATED BY TRADINGVIEW) chart to track latest price changes. CRYPTOCAP:BTC trade ideas, forecasts and market news are at your disposal as well. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #1, with a market cap of $,,, USD. It has a circulating supply of 18,, BTC coins and a max. supply of 21,, BTC coins. The top exchanges for trading in Bitcoin . Get the latest Bitcoin price, live BTC price chart, historical data, market cap, news, and other vital information to help you with Bitcoin trading and investing. Total Market Cap: M. Cap: $ B (%) BTC Dominance: BTC /5(7).

Btc market cap chart

Bitcoin Price, Live BTC Price Chart & Market Cap | CoinCodex

BTC has set a lower support level, or has just dropped into a lower range. For now is supporting the top of the range but we'll have to watch over the weekend to see which direction this goes. Consolidation at this new level? Seems that everyone believes in equities at the moment. Watching for a break out. We seemed to inch up just over the range we've been consolidating in and have 'just' peeked over the range we've been consolidating in.

Will this hold? Or will we fall back into the range as we have previously? Seems gold is shinier than bitcoin right now.

The momentum seems to be weak here as we consolidate in this channel. Do we break out above from here or test the support level below again? Or will we hang out until everyone gives up, break out above and then trigger FOMO buying? After finding true square to price, I built rings from midline to historical pivot tangents. After that , I used intersections and 45 degree lines to find possible trends and pivots to look for in the future.

Mnay things not marked on this chart as it would get way over crowded. The curved trends show tell a story on it own. Long term bullish but many did not see Another metric that gives BTC a bright future to come Slightly smiling face.

What we consider as a target to reach and the razor's edge separating us from the new bull run is actually only a decontestualized number. BTC Index Chart. Videos only. Bitcoin would sink into a bear market with prices not recovering until the bull run. Along with the proliferation of Initial Coin Offerings, powered by Ethereum, Bitcoin's incredible run propelled cryptocurrency into mainstream consciousness, among the most discussed phenomena of Also notable in , Bitcoin experienced its most contentious fork to date.

Amidst rising transaction fees on Bitcoin and increasingly divergent views on scaling Bitcoin, an agreement was reached amongst prominent Bitcoin stakeholders in what is now known as the "New York Agreement". The agreement was to support a set of network upgrades called SegWit2x.

However, despite the desires of miners, users wanted to activate SegWit without the 2MB block size increase, the philosophy underpinning this decision being that the users controlled the network, not miners and Bitcoin businesses. Subsequently, they set a date August 1, where Bitcoin would soft fork to support SegWit and keep the 1MB block size. Enough nodes signaled support for it that they forced miners to accept or have their blocks rejected by the network.

A faction of the bigger blocks camp, rejected SegWit altogether, citing frustrations with the prioritization of SegWit over bigger blocks, and on August 1, , they launched a hard fork of Bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash, with 8MB block limits. These events marked, one end, a landmark demonstration of power by the users of the Bitcoin network, and on the other end, the first great schism within the Bitcoin community.

However, while prices have yet to recover to highs, the institutionalization of Bitcoin has picked up significantly. Traditional Wall Street institutions including Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange, and Fidelity have all launched cryptocurrency offerings, opening up the market to institutional investors.

There are now several regulated exchanges and custodians. With the recent announcements of Facebook's Libra project and China's Central Bank digital currency , governments and multinational corporations around the world have begun to look at cryptocurrencies more seriously. American officials are debating a digital dollar and lawmakers around the world are considering the central bank digital currency CBDC options. Furthermore, there have been numerous cryptocurrency-related hearings since Libra was announced.

China has recently announced blockchain was a revolutionary technology and that it would make blockchain technology a strategic imperative for the country. Add to watchlist. Price Chart. Created with Highcharts 8. Dec Dec 22, 23, 23, 24, 0 M. Price data powered by.

Key Metrics. Price Metrics. Unlock exclusive Pro Research and advanced Analytical Tools. Key Info. General Emission Type Inflationary. Precise Emission Type Decreasing Issuance. Capped Supply? Supply Cap 20,, See Profile. What is Bitcoin? Overview Bitcoin is the first distributed consensus-based , censorship-resistant, permissionless, peer-to-peer payment settlement network with a provably scarce, programmable, native currency. See profile. Both are scarce, highly divisible, transferable, expensive to mine, and have supplies that cannot be tampered with, particularly by any government or institution.

Bitcoin is a purely digital creation that exists only as entries in a ledger shared across a distributed network of computers. Its scarcity comes from code that dictates a supply of 21 million. The cost to mine it comes from the electricity expended in a global competition amongst computers miners racing to guess an arbitrary number.

Gold on the other hand is a metal that we pull out of the ground. But if bitcoin was created by a pseudonymous programmer, then that begs the question… One of the fringe benefits of crypto is that it forces you to take a deeper look into how the rest of the world works. At the end of the day, most of what you see in this industry is simply the recreation of things that already exist, but in a purely digital environment. For example, want to understand what an automated market maker AMM like Uniswap is?

First you need to understand what a market maker is. Thousands of years ago there was some guy in Mesopotamia with a big stockpile of wheat and barley who, for a small fee, was always willing to trade wheat for barley or vice versa to keep the market moving. Want to understand what digital gold is and why it's valuable? Start with its physical analog and go down that rabbithole. The interesting part is how it gets created by a collapsing star and a cataclysmic explosion called a supernova.

The recipe for gold To understand this next part, we have to go back to high school chem class and revisit the lightest element on our periodic table: hydrogen. Stars are made up mostly of hydrogen gas. This pressure causes hydrogen atoms to bang into each other, which creates helium and gives off tremendous energy through a process called nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion is what makes stars both hot and shiny. So nuclear fusion creates energy and turns hydrogen into helium, which is a slightly heavier element than hydrogen.

Once nuclear fusion creates enough helium, that same process starts creating carbon, which is slightly heavier still. Next comes oxygen, then iron, then nickel, which are each slightly heavier than its predecessor. A supernova. A rare cosmic event that happens a few times a century. This collapse creates a ton of pressure which jams protons into electrons, forming neutrons. Supposedly, this all happens in seconds.

In the rare event in which a star collapses and goes supernovae, heavy metals like gold and silver get formed in an instant. Ok, but how did gold find its way to Earth? After enough time, gravity does its thing and all of that gas and dust starts to coalesce, forming planets. When the Earth was forming, a bunch of gold dust got thrown into the mix. Wrapping it up So there you have it.

Stars turned a bunch of hydrogen into heavier elements over the course of millions of years before exploding and instantaneously creating heavy metals that got propelled through space, some of which made their way to Earth where a bunch of monkeys dug it out of the ground to create money and jewelry and an asset to argue about on the internet.

That same process produced a metal that's pretty, malleable, and divisible. All qualities that, for one reason or another, we find valuable. Some of these qualities Satoshi imbued into Bitcoin. Mainly its scarcity and divisibility. He also added some qualities that make it much more transferable and verifiable. And that, my friends, is why our favorite magic internet money draws comparisons to a shiny space metal we pulled out of the ground.

The market is gearing for institutional adoption as companies look for alternative investment strategies to de-risk from geopolitical and macro uncertainty.

Regarding their decision, MSTR cited that a confluence of macro factors posed a risk to their corporate treasury program. Sovereign wealth and pension funds — deemed some of the most conservative investors — are facing the same geopolitical and macro risks and are beginning to invest in this historically-dismissed asset class. This year, given the uncertainty, companies have hoarded cash defensively.

Companies have been unapologetic in stockpiling cash during this period of uncertainty. Square and MSTR have recently added Bitcoin to their corporate treasuries giving them a liquid, non-depreciating source of capital. Below are the listed companies that have published the amount of Bitcoin on their balance sheet. We anticipate more adoption in the coming months.

They face different considerations than corporate treasuries, seeking returns to pay for current and future obligations.

As a result, these funds make significant investments in a variety of asset classes to ensure sustained growth and liquidity. Balance sheet allocation is a key component of generating beta superior asset class returns. However, many pension funds are underwater. They continue to invest in well-understood asset classes that tend to have fuller valuations.

This conservatively ignores inflow multipliers as flows into an asset, especially on high volumes, usually do not result in a price move. Finding Beta: The Case for a Bitcoin Capital Allocation Investors look for assets with high returns but low correlation to the rest of their portfolio.

Bitcoin offers both. Bitcoin has a higher Sharpe ratio compared to traditional markets. The Sharpe ratio measures the performance of an investment compared to a risk-free asset such as US treasuries , adjusting for its risk. The higher the ratio, the better.

The largest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater has a Sharpe ratio of 1. A Sharpe ratio greater than 1. Bitcoin, in contrast, has a far superior Sharpe ratio of 3 4-year period, below. Over the past 3 years, Bitcoin also has among the lowest correlation compared to other asset classes like gold, crude oil, equities and bond investments.

Investors typically look for consistently uncorrelated assets to improve risk-adjusted returns. Among a basket of names, Bitcoin had the lowest correlation: Sovereign wealth and pension funds are paying attention. They have realized this opportunity and have begun new allocation strategies to maximize long-term value. The price reaction indicates that investors want exposure to BTC and expect further price appreciation. The consequences of record-low interest rates, unprecedented levels of coordinated monetary and fiscal stimulus, and deglobalization are all promoting adoption.

We anticipate its value could accrete with expanding adoption and the network effects that have propelled growth in the digital age. With the election today, additional dominos could fall that could drive cryptocurrency prices even further into the foreseeable future. The US election has widespread ramifications across the global economy. During our conversation, we discussed election probabilities, the dollar, the post-election stock market, commodities such as gold, and potential implications for bitcoin.

The effects of these could mean larger stimulus packages, more QE, and clear guidance for investors going into a new administration. Intentional or not, QE is a form of currency engineering.

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Bitcoin is currently trading at $22,, up % in the last 24 hours. See insights on Bitcoin including price, news, chart market cap and more on Messari. Get the latest Bitcoin price, live BTC price chart, historical data, market cap, news, and other vital information to help you with Bitcoin trading and investing. Total Market Cap: M. Cap: $ B (%) BTC Dominance: BTC /5(7). View live Market Cap BTC, $ (CALCULATED BY TRADINGVIEW) chart to track latest price changes. CRYPTOCAP:BTC trade ideas, forecasts and market news are at your disposal as well. Tags:Tradingview analysis btc, Cyril ramaphosa bitcoin system, Mercado bitcoin ou bitcointrade, Best times to day trade bitcoin, Bitcoin futures basis trading lesson 1

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