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Btc markets login error

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Btc markets login error

BTC Markets Cryptocurrency Exchange Review - Crypto Head

Always able to send and receive cryptos with no problems. Highly recommend! Kyle - June 12, No problems so far. Easy to use site. Bob - June 3, I deposited funds using bpay and on the third deposit they disappeared. I later found that they changed their bpay account numbets without telling anyone.

I contacted them and they assured me the transaction would bounce back to my account. Very poor follow up from them. If I ever do get the money back I will not be using them again. Mark - June 1, BTC Markets are not responding to email enquiries regarding a withdrawal of LTC I made to my wallet which was authorised but is still 'processing' within their system the following day.

Absolutely no response to enquiries. Doug - May 21, The site is easy to use and their trackers are now excellent. But, they just changed their Bpay details and did not inform me, so I now have money in limbo that I was to use to buy more XRP. Seriously, once you set up Bpay deposits from your bank account, you don't expect people to change them, and you will usually just login to your bank and quickly send funds.

Why Oh Why did they change their details and not tell anyone Alex A - May 18, I'm surprised of so many poor reviews, my deposits hit the account in 1 working day and my withdrawals hit my account within 3 days, customer support is quick and i've been with them for over a year now. Frank - May 16, I sent money to this company and waited days for the funds to appear in my account, only to discover that they changed the payment details and didn't notify anyone ,thus allowing people to send money into closed accounts non excisting , and have them wait weeks before they might get it back ,..

Why would you deliberately not notify customers of such important changes, To me a sign of no respect for their customers. Jacob - May 16, Recently, I withdrew AUD to the wrong bank account my own error and the customer service staff we very helpful and worked to get it back to me in a reasonable time. Props to Tomas and Max. Farina - May 14, I also am not able to login to BTCMarkets.

Pretty sure there are authentication issues on their systems. Willy boy - May 9, Over the last 6 months of gradually growing my portfolio on BTC Markets I have no issues with transactions and always get good timely responses to questions.

Never a problem with deposits and moving coins off the exchange. Your acceptance of these Terms, as amended from time to time, gives the Company a mandate to bring together Users to trade on the Platform according to these Terms as well as perform the functions described herein. Holding and trading Tokens carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Before deciding to hold or trade Tokens you should carefully consider your objectives, financial situation, needs and investment experience. The value of Tokens may rise or fall, and will be affected by matters outside of the Company's control. Tokens can also be lost by unauthorised access, system failure or fraud.

By trading or holding Tokens, you could lose all of your invested funds. The User confirms that in using the Platform and holding and transacting in Tokens, it fully understands the following risks:.

With the exception of some Liquidity Providers and Approved Overseas Users, the Platform is available only to Australian residents and is not intended to be offered or made available to any person who resides outside of Australia. The information in this website and the use of the Platform is not intended for any person who is not an Australian resident and is not made available to any person in any jurisdiction where its distribution or use would be contrary to any law or regulation.

Nothing in this website or the Platform should be considered an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any service or product to any person in any jurisdiction where such offer or solicitation would be unlawful.

With the exception of liquidity providers sourced and verified by the Company, the Platform is available only to Australian Users and is not intended to be offered or made available to any person who resides outside of Australia. The Company is not licensed as an Australian Financial Services Licensee and it does not offer general or personal financial product advice.

Nothing in this website is intended to be or should be taken as financial, legal or taxation advice. Users should seek their own financial, legal, tax and accounting advice as to the likely outcomes for trading Tokens. Subject to clause 4, a User must be an Australian resident individual, partnership or company including one acting in the capacity of a trustee which has met the Company's Account opening procedures, including, if required, any client verification procedures, and which is authorized to use the Platform by the Company.

The Company retains absolute discretion in determining who may be a User of the Platform and may cease to allow a User to transact through the Platform at any time without prior notification.

The Company shall have absolute discretion in accepting or rejecting an application to be a User or any Instruction. Users agree to provide the Company with accurate, current and complete information about themselves as prompted by the registration process, and to update the Company if such information changes. A user who is a Liquidity provider need not be an Australian resident. If a User is a Liquidity Provider, any buy or sell instructions that the liquidity provider makes available whether via its agents or otherwise to the Platform are considered Instructions for the purposes of these Terms.

Users can only be Liquidity Providers if the Company expressly consents. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their Account information, including their password, and for checking that all activity including Instructions and Transactions which occur on their Account was authorised by them.

Users agree to notify the Company immediately by email of any unauthorised use of their Account or password, or any other breach of security. The Company will not be liable for any loss a User may incur as a result of unauthorized use of that User's Account's information including password. Users shall not use or access any Account other than their own at any time.

Users may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Platform, and any attempt to do so or to assist others Users or otherwise to do so, or distribution of instructions, software or tools for that purpose, will result in the accounts of such Users being terminated. This does not limit the right of the Company to take any other action against you.

Users may not create or use more than one Account, or open an account on behalf of another for the avoidance of doubt, this does not prevent an individual from opening an account on behalf of a company provided that individual has authority to do so.

If a User would like to open more than one Account, the User may request permission from the Company, prior to the opening of multiple Accounts. The creation or use of multiple Accounts without obtaining such prior express permission from the Company will lead to the immediate suspension of all User Accounts on the Platform, as well as all pending trades. A User's ability to deposit and withdraw Deposited Currency or Tokens into or from its Account may be regulated by anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws including the Anti-Money Laundering - Counter Terrorism Financing Act Cth and its rules and regulations.

All Deposited Currency credited to a User's Account will be maintained in trust in a bank account with a reputable Australian deposit-taking institution under the Company's name or in the name of a custodian or third party appointed by the Company. Such account may be segregated for each User or may be a pooled account containing funds of multiple Users of the Company's products. The Company retains absolute discretion to determine whether to use segregated or pooled accounts and the Company retains the right to switch between segregated or pooled accounts without approval from a User.

However, if the Company maintains User Accounts in a pooled account, it will ensure that proper procedures are maintained at all times to identify the assets of each User. Regardless of whether pooled or segregated accounts are used, at no time will the Company mix its own funds with funds held on behalf of Users. You waive any right to interest paid by the Bank with respect to your Deposited Currency, The Company is entitled to retain that interest, if any is paid.

The Tokens recorded in a User's Account may only be transferred to other Users in execution of a Transaction entered into on the Platform. Tokens are held by the Company on a User's behalf and the Company holds legal title in the Tokens. The User is the beneficial owner of the number and type of Tokens which are recorded in the User's Account.

The Company will maintain strict procedures to ensure that the correct number of Tokens is recorded as the property of the relevant User, as well as adopting reasonable security measures to reduce the risk of Tokens being misused, misplaced, misappropriated or stolen. Deposits and withdrawals of Deposited Currency made by way of bank transfer are subject to the relevant bank's transfer terms and conditions, timing and processes and Users should allow for these when making or requesting such transfers.

Deposits of non-Australian Deposited Currency will incur foreign exchange transaction fees, which will automatically be deducted from the Deposited Currency.

Deposits and withdrawals of Tokens are made within the Platform. Upon signup, the Platform designates a Token deposit address for each User, which is specified by reference to Token type e. Bitcoin or Litecoin. A User will be able to send Company-approved Token types to this designated deposit address.

Users must not disclose their designated deposit address to any person other than when transferring Tokens to or from their Account. For security reasons, a new deposit address is issued for each Token transfer. Each deposit address ultimately points to the User's Account. In general, the Company will execute Instructions in the order in which they are placed by Users, but having regard to the price at which the Instruction is placed. However, the Company reserves the right to put Instructions on hold, or only fill them in part.

Such Fees and Commissions are set out on the Company's website and may be updated from time to time by the Company. I got scammed of 6 eth. The guy on the phone said one thing that makes me know they are the scammers. He said If you think about it This wasn't the first time they have had this convo.

This has happened with many customers with out a doubt. I wasn't extremely please, not pleasantly pleased, not pleased, think of the opposite of pleased and that's how I was. I tried my best to stay calm and collected with this turkey and after I told him btc is going to have to compensate me he hung up.

Their phone number and address are fakes and the only contact I would get after that was automated responses. Bla bla bla responses. I have an email from btc containing the info of btc markets customers and my details are on this email. You need to stop taking what ever drugs your on.

So people would deposit money to the wrong account. The list goes on, I read the reviews every now and then. Its so obvious they are writing the reviews.

Yes mate you did, and it looks to me the same guy who hacked my computer also hacked your computer. And all the other peeps this has happened to. I would love to know how many of us there are. I have had to watch this for two years. Andy Schurtz - September 28, Good trading experience I saw some bad reviews before I started to trade with them and I said to give it a try anyway. And what do you think? I am still doing it.

In 2 days they were back into my bank account. It may have been some bad experiences for some people, but don't forget, we are all different in this world. Philomen - September 23, Straightforward and quick service, although you have to go through extensive security checks.

Aman Ashraf - September 23, Opening the account didn't take to long, you just have to know the requirements upload documents to verify your identification and the process is very simple. Just did it with computer not phone, because I just send Bitcoin to a known wallet. They even called me about a technical question I had with them on the chat. Overall excellent service. Sophie Jacks - September 23, Also multiple payment options, can only recommend this site. Tim Lawrence - September 22, My trading was very fast and easy.

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