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Fee deposit hitbtc

Jul 28,  · Although there is much not to like about the HitBTC platform, one its strongest attributes is its extremely low fee structure. Deposit and withdrawal fees Debit card deposits: N/A. HitBTC charges a withdrawal fee amounting to BTC when you withdraw BTC. This fee is exactly in line with the global industry average for BTC-withdrawals ( BTC)/5(99). 42 rows · On HitBTC, "Takers" are charged fees according to Trading Fee Tier. In our maker-taker model, the "taker" is a trader who removes the liquidity from the book by placing an order that matches immediately with an existing order on the book. The taker pays the fee from the committed trade.

Fee deposit hitbtc

Etc deposit problem- HITBTC : EthereumClassic

In other words, if a trade outside of the immediate market price is matched, we may incentivize the traders who placed the order. Bottom line: we at HitBTC are always trying to enhance your experience with our platform, and we aim to facilitate your trading process by providing greater liquidity. Periodically, a small Interest Rate is paid to hold a margin position open. The Interest Rate is paid regardless of whether the position is long or short. The rates are listed in the table below.

The interest is always charged in the quote currency, for both shorts and longs. The interest is only charged for the positions that are open at the time of the charge. If a position is liquidated - either by reaching the liquidation price or by the trader, a Liquidation Fee in the amount of 0.

For each of the trading pairs, Borrowing Limits apply, regardless of whether a trader wants to go short or long. An individual trader will not be able to go beyond these Borrowing Limits at any time. As your monthly trade volume increases the fees get lower. After BTC volume, the maker fee drops to 0. Step 1: Navigate to the official website.

Step 2: In order to sign up, you should provide an email address and pick up a strong password. Step 3: The next step is to indicate the country of your residence, full name, and phone number. Then enter your personal information and user id after which you can reset your password.

Step 3: Make sure the currency you want to deposit has been moved to your Main Account from your Trading Account. Step 3: Make sure the currency you want to withdraw has been moved to your Main Account from your Trading Account. Step 4: There are 4 types of orders available: market, limit, stop, stop limit. A brief description of each type is available upon hovering your cursor over the question mark.

Select the desired market and currency. HitBTC is an established crypto exchange that has provided quality trading services since the early days of cryptocurrencies. The exchange has developed over the years to provide high volume trades on a secure platform. It does offer one of the broadest cryptocurrency markets selection in the entire industry, and its trading fees are also the lowest. As a result, HitBTC always has many supporters who are happy with its services for which it is highly recommended.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pros Massive range of cryptocurrencies Simple to use despite the busy interface Low fees as a consequence of high liquidity. Traders can trade more than assets on the platform. Cons US Clients are not accepted on the exchange. Some clients have also complained of hidden fees There have been numerous complaints about site crashes.

It is an Unregulated exchange Support is usually slow and unresponsive.

Beginner’s Guide to HitBTC: Complete Review 2020 What is Rebate?

Aug 14,  · There’s a separate address for each and every asset on HitBTC. For example, you cannot send BTC to a USDT address. If this is your issue, please refer to our Policy on the retrieval of funds sent by mistake. Update: Effective May 10, , Ethereum and ETH tokens have the same address on HitBTC. Please generate a new address on your Account page. Jul 15,  · Took me ~9 days to deposit my ETC. Traded them for Doge and sent all to Binance, after that I traded my Doge for USDT and sold for fiat currency. That's how I avoided the high fee of HitBTC, Doge withdrawal fee is really low. Bitcoin: BTC ($), Ethereum: ETH ($), Litecoin: LTC ($), Bitcoin Cash: BCH ($), Monero: XMR ($). Tags:Bitcoin profit website, Yoyow btc tradingview, Bio market vitacare btc, How to trade bitcoins online, Btc trading halted

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