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Profit trailer btc

TradingView. Sign In. Ticker Trading Ideas Educational Ideas Scripts People. Profit Trailer Minimum BTC For ANY Budget Settings by Crypto Gnome. Profit Trailer: Update #37 | Bitcoin Trading Bot | Bitrrex Binance & Poloniex Cryptocurrency Bot. INTRODUCING Profit BUY NOW Trailer The most powerful crypto trading bot that automatically trades 24/7 Trade on Multiple Exchanges with only one license We give you a way to trade with multiple buy and sell strategies at the same time.

Profit trailer btc

profit_trailer_backtesting v2 — Strategy by yesmider — TradingView

But the best I have ever used is Profit Trailer. I have been amazed at my results and increased my trading accounts dramatically In a way I could never have done if I were actively trading as a daytrader whilst I was still learning unless I was exceptionally experienced from the start. Edit — I have now uploaded my entire sales log from the month of December to January 15th as proof.

Of course you will not have such unusually large gains as often as that December was definately an outlier , and that huge growth was of course in part due to BTC and altcoins booming in the leadup to Christmas. Is it true that an experienced expert trader could potentially trade better than any bot?

Of course. Also there are definately a lot of bad bots out there, and really there are only a handful that actually work. Profit Trailer is one of them and a star performer. A bot can run on a Virtual Private Server VPS and monitor hundreds of currencies and trade without ever stopping unless you tell it. Some of my best sales come in the middle of the night when I am asleep and the Asian markets are alive and I wake up to see some amazing sales.

Once you give it parameters, it sticks to them. A human will have emotions. All but the best traders who have honed years of discipline and stick to the rules will not be able to do this and make rash decisions rather than logical ones.

The bot will consistently do what you tell it to without fail. Unless you are a truly experienced expert trader you will mostly likely make bad decisions, and may lose money or fluctuate your trading balance a lot. Profit trailer has thousands of active users and people share tips, strategies to help newbies, the development team is also excellent and open to new ideas and works to make the bot better consistently.

Some people who use completely different strategies do just as well as I do proving there is more than one way to win. If you use my referral link for either or both of Profit Trailer or Binance and email me or contact me via telegram I will give you some advice on settings. I also offer a comprehensive coaching service on how to maximise profits with so you get a more detailed understanding of my trading strategy with PT and I will show you my exact settings.

Profit Trailer has a very detailed log of your buys and sells including a calculation of the USD of your account, sales, daily, weekly profit amongst many other things.

There is also a possible buy list, which are alts getting within buy range. PT will show you the exact buy trigger prices where it would make potentially make a buy, thus there is a strong level of transparency into how it works as you can tweak settings live and see what difference your tweaks make.

I do add though that of course not every one gets the profit margin I and some of the experienced users do, but I firmly believe on default settings you will make money in normal and bullish market conditions. The difference is I spent a lot of time looking at live charts- I use both Coinigy and Trading View and have professional accounts with them and have a good understanding of how prices behave an the relationship between the candlesticks, indicators and buy strategies and have done a lot of tweaking.

I also have some failsafe nuclear options more on that in the risk management section if the markets implode extremely this would be on the scale of the January crash we saw or a Mt Gox style meltdown. My settings with only a little tweaking will be enough to survive a lot of mini crashes and corrections though. Your account will fluctuate of course- an analogy I would use is like a big elastic band, during a downtrend your entire portfolio will contract, and as soon as the bulls return it will expand and explode upwards- as long as you know what to tweak in what market conditions, and remain calm when you see lots of red you will win long term.

Obviously knowing how to set the bot up and optimise it and what precautions to take in different circumstances is vital in achieving this. Profit Trailer also has a range of excellent safety features to stop trading in certain market conditions. You do have to understand the different ways a bot will trade more on how Profit Trailer works shortly. First of all Profit Trailer has numerous strategies you can use to buy. A very subtle thing to note about volume is different settings will work better according to the profile of the coins you select.

Using Profit Trailer feeder, you can actually dynamically adjust to different buy and sell strategies and settings upon different market conditions e. I include advanced training on PTF too in my programme. In PT version 2 release I am now on the official beta testing team there are far more buy and sell modes plus the ability to combine multiple strategies. Relative strength Index, to put it very simply is whether or not a commodity is overbought or oversold.

Example: BTC. Note that with lower timeframes RSI creates a lot more noise. Traditionally and also from personal experience traders will use longer timeframes for RSI some swing traders will use 4 hours for example.

See more about RSI here:. The bottom of the spikes in the white spaces seen here would probably represent around figures of -2 to Also on longer timeframes you are far less likely to be hit by a heavy bag. Personally my strategy with takeprofit is that on an uptrend amd normal market, I have it switched off by default Why exit a position early when it could still run further?

But in a downtrend, slow or neutral market or if the coin starts tanking suddenly I use a set of overrides they will automatically identify what is going on and act accordingly with PT Feeder and in some scenarios takeprofit will act as a stoploss as you can also set takeprofit as a negative number to act in this way.

It just goes to show there are many ways to profit with the bot, you could test using small amounts until you find a method you like. If you changed it to say seconds 15 mins and EMAs to 20 and 3, you would get much sharper faster movements, which could be good for quick short sharp profits scalpers would use this. Using , this is my personal preference generally and changing the EMAs to 30 and 15 will give you much smoother slower movements which are better at riding downtrends and buying closer to the bottom, but you will get less buys and sells.

With BB buy you can get it to buy within a range of a BB band on a timeframe. The thick red line shows the end of the buy zone. On the flip side I have also used positive BB of between 0 to 25, sometimes the price does not reach the bottom of the BB band before reversing so positive BB does have advantages over negative BB- I suggest you look at a number of candle movements in relation to the BB band on different timeframes to get a sense of how prices go. Because of the way Bollinger bands work, i.

On PT 2. I would not turn DCA on until you understand what it does or how to tweak it. What I do is limit the number of buy times to 4 or 5 max the default is 6- which is fine if you are making very small initial buys, but my buy amounts tend to be a little bigger- I tend to use about 1.

I have through testing and observing price action also devised a method which is as close to only having DCA buy when there is a clear trend change and as prices start passing through the Ichimoku Cloud- for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term it is a master trading strategy where you measure the trend current based on the position and movement of the candles to the cloud, shape and colour of the cloud.

This is something I will explain in detail to any coaching client. To manage risk I would suggest that you do some calculations to work out the amount of your total balance you wish to allocate for a pair to DCA.

Of course each pair will be at different stages of the market cycle and I watch each of them individually a small number I may sell at a loss manually. There is also an automatic stop loss feature for PT which can be turned on. My view is that you should not use both DCA and stop loss, use one or the other. This can be very effective if you know how to use it. Let me give you a big tip, do not put your buy triggers to small numbers like Level 1 -2, level 2 -3, level 3 -4 etc as you will quickly be unstuck during a normal correction, and will be extremely painful during a real crash!

The reason why is that if the market turns, you will quickly run out of btc balance to DCA if you set such small triggers, and you can end up as many newbies who use such settings have done with some disastrously disproportionately large bags. I would set Level 1 to at least or I sometimes have it as high as ! Sometimes I will leave DCA level 1 on Anderson very large say to so that the vast majority of coins only need a single DCA hit before being sold.

Ideally your bag should be gone by the first 1—2 levels and level 3, 4 and 5 should only be kept for last resort , and it will be almost impossible for any coin to even reach level 5 the way I use Anderson.

I would encourage you to look at some price charts on Tradingview , and you may notice that when a coin dips especially after it collapses underneath the cloud on the Ichimoku Indicator, and you see a red twist of death showing trend change imminent , it can dip further and longer than than you expect, which is why even your first DCA, in an ideal world should be at the right at the bottom when the coin has stopped tanking.

To me it makes no sense at all and is also suicidal from a risk management point of view to have DCA as quick as 2, 4, even 8. I now also have a special override group using PTF where in extreme market conditions your.

Level 4 to -and as you can almost no coins will ever reach as far as L4,5 except for in an extreme crash and I might have panic sold long before that anyway! The wisest thing of course would have been to sell it early of course, but most newbies and even some more experienced PT users- but not me of course, ha decided to keep their DCA settings on aggressive.

Are my figures beginning to make sense now? Take my advice and think about it and ignore anyone who just throws out random settings. Some of you may have noticed Red Pulse, RPX which as far as I know is a coin with a great future, however it dumped bigtime upon release. When a coin is released to an exchange, typically it has some very unnatural price movements for the first few weeks. Using stop losses vs DCA. I have at times used the automatic stop loss though most of the time I will DCA intelligently or stop loss manually.

One method of using a stop loss I have used is to set it around , set a rebuy timeout- where it will not rebuy after firing the stop loss for a set amount of time you set it to in minutes. He added he wished he had read my advice first before setting his levels to such tiny triggers! Profit Trailer also has a trailing buy feature which is where it will look for the lowest possible price , which is the inverse of a trailing stop, explained here on Investopedia. This feature is integrated with most buy and sell strategies.

Some people prefer lots of smaller trades and smaller gains but I prefer bigger gains and a smaller number of trades and pairs to manage. Personally I prefer using a larger number- the reason why is that I have observed using a tiny number like 0. The default at 0. This is the minimum gain you set before PT starts trailing. The reason why is that I suggest you look at some price movements to see how far price goes up further after an initial sale, you may be surprised.

I also trade on longer timeframes than most people- 30 and 60 minutes. All my indicators are 30 or 60 mins. Right now as of March probably not, but even so it will go further than you think. Even now I have it between 6- 8. If you are unfamiliar with this term, check out this article on here. Think about it, if you have a gain of like 0. The answer is a lot. There is one caveat- if say you trade on stable high volume coins only, e.

They do not move much, therefore it is reasonable to have gain lower, however I think having it at 1 means you are throwing money away on the table. Timeframe and buy strategy is important too. With one of my clients we analysed his trades and we found that he only traded stable coins with a very high volume.

I will explain what we discovered and what we changed:. If you were to graft my settings onto such an account straght away, you would not see an immediate effect, so I told him it was better we phase in some of mine; firstly his DCA log had pairs bought on a completely different timeframe, different strategy and his buy criteria was different to mine.

What we did was make some tweaks on his current settings. We did a spreadsheet analysis to look at his last sales and look at the difference between the price sold and peak price reached in the next 24 hours this is an exercise I conduct with clients , and discovered the Median gain he lost out on was 2. In the end he wanted to keep his coin profile and baseline buy strategy though he added a lot more coins on his whitelist and raised gain to 2.

Another conclusion we are able to reach was that his buy zones were in completely different places to mine. Because I use a large trailing buy, on 30 and 60 minutes- 0. His method was buying and selling quick on the rebound. Being able to trade effectively has nothing to do with picking cookie cutter settings. You actually need to learn how markets work, prices move, the fundamentals of technical analysis like RSI, momentum, price action etc.

This is what I teach people to do. I only include a selection of lots of settings with my coaching clients as examples of what has worked with me in the past If you are a treasure hunter, some of my legacy DCA settings have been posted in Discord- hint owning Profit Trailer Feeder is a key to the chest; though I am planning on releasing some of my legacy settings soon to the public for free anyway via Youtube and or Github and because 2.

Adjusting a trailing buy. Very simply, having a tight trailing buy of say 0. Having a very large trailing buy of say 3 or 4 means you will give it more wiggle room before buying- leading to less fakeout reversals, so the quality will be increased but also will lead to a lot less trades.

Hence why I find a decent number to be between 0. One additional feature of Profit Trailer is that it will manage the coins you buy manually yourself. And if you already had alts in the account before the bot started, it will calculate the average price if it is less than 30 days old. Any older and you can input the bought price yourself. If you are happy to let PT trade them it will manage them just like any other pair including DCAing them when required.

So if you wish to practice manual trading with small amounts, PT can help as a safety net! How will trailing work in 2.

So you may have gathered in 2. The creator PT Elroy has this to say about how trailing works in 2. Trailing starts. And will only buy if once trailing triggers the entry price is still below the original price when trailing started. Risk management is an absolutely vital skill in any form of investing or trading.

I regard risk management as the cornerstone of being profitable long term and will teach people how to do it a pragmatic way.

The best thing overall with Profit Trailer really is that because of its wide range of monitoring and safety features it can really help as a risk management tool. That would be silly.

The setup above will get you going. The last thing you want is your PC to crash or windows does an update and reboots. Also, you need to have quite of bit of monthly bandwidth. If you have a very restricted amount, you may want to upgrade your internet, or use a VPS solution Recommend this read more below. Now if you have the internet bandwidth to spare and you want to keep it hosted at home, then you have a few options. Also with this setup, to access your PT, you need to open ports on your router to be able to access it remotely?

Now, why would you want to? The cons for running Linux? You have a little more work upfront to do. To make it easier for you. You will look like a Crypto God in front of your buddies.

They really will envy you and probably ask you or pay you to set one up for them more crypto for your bot. Now to go this way you will need 2 more things from above. You will also need. Having it run on Linux VPS means the uptime will generally be much better than your home. So if you are ready to launch your bot to start auto trading then click on the link to begin.

Skip to content. Adventures of crypto bot trading. Boo PT Now is it a guarantee that it will make you crypto? This is key. More you have the more you can make. Also the more you can lose.

So be smart Avoid buying low-quality coins or low volume coins. They are easily influenced by dump and pumps. Trade higher volume coins. As soon as you sell a bag manually, then you lose. You can hold bags for weeks even months. Once again, this is crypto markets. The risk for reward. The larger trades you make, the more profit.

Large trades you make, the more you can be holding bags for. So this is up to you and your comfort level. I suggest to start off small and trade a few pairs at a time to get a feel for things. Now that I do not seem like much, but when it is doing it all day long every day automatically for you, it adds up.

As your pot grows so can do more trades and or larger trades to gain more. Almost like a snowball effect.

If you want.

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Profit Trailer does frequent small trades automatically to slowly build up your bitcoin/eth/USDT. Now if you have lots of BTC/ETH/USDT you want to through at it and let it trade you can. More you have the more you can make. Also the more you can lose. Profit Trailer Minimum BTC For ANY Budget Settings by Crypto Gnome. Profit Trailer: Update #37 | Bitcoin Trading Bot | Bitrrex Binance & Poloniex Cryptocurrency Bot. Profit Trailer has a very detailed log of your buys and sells including a calculation of the USD of your account, sales, daily, weekly profit amongst many other things. There is also a possible buy list, which are alts getting within buy range. Your current buys will be listed so that you can see at what% up or down they are since purchase price. Tags:Trade binary options with bitcoin, Trade bitcoin ether, Bitcoin vs visa market cap, Deep learning bitcoin trading, Automated bitcoin trading bots

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