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Tradingview gnt btc

GNT/BTC (Update) Testing the Downtrend Resistance 5th time & This Time Looks Strong..!! Buy Between Sats Sell Targets Sats Stop Loss Below Sats Buy With % Portfolio & Just Hold it With Patience. Please, give us your opinion in the comments.!! If you like the idea, please hit the Like button and subscribe to the profile in order not to miss our updates. Golem (GNT), not financial advice. Possible cup n Handle on the daily. Might test new highs Entry: Target 1: Target 2: STOPLOSS: possible profit % - % possible loss % Risk/reward - Keep your eyes on bitcoin could throw off . In observation to the Elliot wave pattern, GNT faces corrective patterns. Currently, GolemCoin is following an AB/CD correction per my forecast concerning price.

Tradingview gnt btc

Golem — TradingView — India

While the RSI and the price downtrend in the Daily chart are not broken, bearish wave in price would continue. There is a possibility of Trading suggestion: There is a possibility of temporary retracement to suggested support zone 0. I will place a limit order here. GNT golem has explode due to the release of their app going live. Videos only. Golem Pivoted. My 1 HODL for this year.

GNT Sideways.. Still in a downtrend.. GNT Downward Trend. GNT Short.. GNT Huge resistance GNT Possible Outcome. If the range will be broken, you can enter the long position! Price drop to , then back to resistance.

We have 6 consecutive green candles all moving straight up. I am calling this "bullish consolidation" which can lead to a massive jump.

The RSI is above 50, we know what this means It's a good signal to go long with this pair. Currently, the indicators are doing very well. The RSI is oversold and the buy signal is clear. I see bullish signs in progress and no signs of bulls GNT is entering a strong momentum in the 4-hour time frame. If the price breaks the 1k1sts hidden resistance zone it will go up and retest the old high. Beautiful pennant trying to be broken to get some profits I love it :D This is not a financial advise.

My opinion only. Trader here! This idea is based on the Theory of Geometry in financial markets which I have been exploring and guess what! In this theory every asset behaves in a certain geometrical pattern and if you find that you could predict its moves with incredible precision!!

This is a tough chart to trade of course, but the potential is clear for prices to move straight up.

GNT/BTC long idea, might test for new highs Predictions and analysis

TradingView UK. View live GAMCO NATURAL RES GOLD & INCOM TR chart to track its stock's price action. Find market predictions, GNT financials and market news. Golem (GNTBTC) finally completed its retrace and is already moving higher. We have a beautiful setup here with a perfect falling wedge, a break above EMA50 and MA, high volume, a MACD bullish cross, and a very strong RSI. View live GAMCO NATURAL RES GOLD & INCOM TR chart to track its stock's price action. Find market predictions, GNT financials and market news. Tags:Bitcoin trading platform review, Bitcoin trader sandiaga uno, Cryptobridge deposit btc, Reddit best bitcoin broker, How to buy bitcoin from a broker

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